Meet the Fleet

Whether you need a ride for a special event, business engagement, or a night out on the town with friends, we have a variety of vehicles to suite your needs! 

Up and Running

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The Navigator

Passenger Capacity: 7

The Local Motion

Buy local, eat local, ride local!
Passenger Capacity: 14

The VIP Stretch Limo

Our stretch limousine makes every rider feel like a celebrity! This limo displays a traditional white exterior, with dark limo-tinted windows for utmost privacy. The interior features rich burgundy leather with seating for eight, plus a small television, a dry bar setup with ice bin, and a built-in champagne well. We added a velvet headliner for style, and upgraded the A/V system to include DVD/CD/MP3 capabilities. Sunroof and mood lighting also add to the ambiance. From weddings to retirement parties, this is the ride of choice for discerning riders. Actually, comedian Jerry Seinfeld once rode in this very limousine under previous ownership!
Passenger Capacity: 7-8

The Maroon Effect

Our expansion tribute to the Virginia Tech tradition, this roomy passenger van features the orange and maroon school colors, inside and out and is the colorful compliment to the Hokey Hustler. The deep maroon exterior is adorned by orange Hokie Bird tracks and other official VT memorabilia, while the interior boasts similar rich, maroon-colored, swirled-velvet upholstery, with comfortable seating for up to fourteen riders.
Passenger Capacity: 11-14

The Rock N Roller

The Rock n Roller is the loudest ride in the fleet. Not only does it visually scream at you with its cherry-red paint and contrasting black and white musical inferences, it is equipped with a top of the line stereo and black wavy velvet interior. This 14 passenger van is great to reserve for parties, weddings, rides to football games, anything you want!
Passenger Capacity: 14

The Mystery Mobile

Introducing the new Mystery Mobile! This is a replica of Hooptie Ride's first van project, also called the Mystery Mobile. Similarities include the external paint job, signage, orange flowers, and wavy electric green velvet interior. However, the new Mystery Mobile has a higher capacity holding up to 14 passengers. You can get the same ride as the original, just with more friends!
Passenger Capacity: 11-14

The Purple People Eater

Paralleled to the Original Purple People eater, a 1972 Buick Electra 225, this new protégé holds more. Much like its predecessor, the new Purple People Eater has a metallic purple pain job and purple crushed velvet interior; with enough belly room to engulf its passengers. This larger, 12 person capacity vehicle swallows its passengers, literally. With a bus-style side-entrance, this van has a unique way of getting you around in style.
Passenger Capacity: 12

The Yellow Submarine

Explore the world around you from inside this wondrous ride! Port-holes accent the vibrant yellow exterior of this aquatic creation, making it the coolest van around within 20,000 leagues of the sea! Aqua-blue crushed velvet flows throughout the interior, simulating the sensation of being surrounded by oceans of clear blue water. With ample seating for up to eleven riders, this roomy ride can deliver your entire entourage of explorers altogether to any destination. This vehicle is watertight, so life jackets are optional!
Passenger Capacity: 11

Hokey Hustler

Our tribute to the Virginia Tech tradition, this roomy passenger van features the orange and maroon school colors, inside and out. The bright orange exterior is adorned by Hokie Bird tracks and other official VT memorabilia, while the interior boasts rich, maroon-colored, swirled-velvet upholstery. Two large subwoofers add power and depth to the high-fidelity stereo head unit, so music fills the air! Whether it's tunes from the in-dash CD/MP3 player or radio, our riders can "keep on rocking" all the way to their destinations! Basically a velvet lounge on wheels, this van is as high-profile as its clientele! Notable riders of this van include politician Robert F. Kennedy, Jr., and the jazz-funk trio of Medeski, Martin, and Wood.

Passenger Capacity: 13

Black Towncar

Ride in style for executive service and airport / bus transfers

Black Ford Transit

The perfect ride for corporate/group outings!
Passenger Capacity: 14


Use navigation arrows or keys to change vehicles

The Original Purple People Eater

The original Hooptie Ride vehicle, the car that started it all...a 1972 Buick Electra 225! This vintage automobile derives its name from the metallic purple paint job, and the purple crushed velvet upholstery on the interior. Bench seating on this wide-body sedan allows ample room for piling in the passengers! With a four-barrel carburetor feeding the throttle of its monster 455-cubic-inch V-8 engine, this old "deuce and a quarter" provides plenty of power for getting the whole party there in style! Extra-wide whitewalls round out the classic 70's retro appeal of the original Hooptie Ride. The Purple People Eater is now retired from the active fleet, and is used for occasional parade appearances only, but the stories of this particular classic have become legendary. Long live the original, the car that inspired the Hooptie Ride revolution!

The Jungle Explorer

Inspired by frozen nights and stranded people, we bring you the Jungle Explorer. This rough terrain, four wheel drive SUV was there for you when nothing else was. The Jungle Explorer sports a jungle scene equipped with swinging monkeys on the outside and animal print on the inside. This ride was great for bad weather and rough areas or simply just driving through town with a small group.

The Disco Caddy

Disco is not dead just retired. Thought about putting her in the old folks home but just couldn't do it. So we let her stick around and teach the new vans how to party. Still have a sneaking suspicion there is an affair going on with her and the Rock N Roller. Honestly as long as the Rockin is in good shape to Roll all night I don't need to know.